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Our MOT Bay opened in 2006 for all Class IV vehicles.

In 2005 all MOT stations became computerised and each MOT logged centrally.  On 20 May 2018 there were significant changes to MOT's.  See for details.


FULL MOT TEST:      £48.00 

MOT RE-TEST:          FREE OF CHARGE  (terms and conditions apply.  See below)


If your vehicle fails its MOT, we will not charge a re-test fee on any Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle as long as the initial MOT and the failure work is carried out by ourselves.  Only one re-test is allowed per test.  If your vehicle has to leave our premises then a re-test fee of £20.00 may be applied depending upon the reason for failure.

  1. If you own a non Volkswagen Audi Group vehicle and a re-test is required, then due to the fact we do not work on non Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles, then a re-test fee may be chargeable as per the guidance for failure work laid out by DVSA as detailed below.


If the vehicle is left at the test station that undertakes repairs, for repair and retest, then only a partial retest is required.


If the vehicle is brought back to the test station and retested before the end of the next working day on one or more of the following items only:

Access panels;  Battery;  Bonnet;  Boot lid;  Brake pedal anti-slip;  Break glass hammer**;  Doors (including hinges, catches and pillars) ;  Door open warning device**;  Dropsides;  Electrical wiring;  Emergency exits and signs**;  Entrance door remote control**;  Entrance/exit steps**;  Fuel filler cap;  Headlamp cleaning or levelling devices (not requiring a headlamp aim check) ;  Horn;  Lamps (excluding headlamp aim) ;  Loading door;  Main beam ‘tell-tale’;  Mirrors;  Rear reflectors;  Registration plates;  Seat belts (but not anchorages) ;  Seat belt load limiter;  Seat belt pre-tensioner;  Seats;  Sharp edges or projections;  Stairs**;  Steering wheel;  Tailboard;  Tailgate;  Towbars (excluding body around anchorage points);  Trailer electrical sockets;  Tyre pressure monitoring system;  Vehicle identification number (VIN);  Windscreen and glass;  Windscreen wipers/washers;  Wheels* and tyres*

only a partial retest is required. * does not apply to Classes 1 or 2

** class 5 only

(NOTE: only one free re-test is allowed per MOT)


If the vehicle leaves the test station premises and returns for a retest on item(s) other than those listed at (B) above, the vehicle must be fully inspected on all testable items before a test certificate can be issued. A full retest must be carried out even if a “free retest” is offered for marketing reasons.

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