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Servicing and Repairs

If you would like to book your vehicle in with ourselves please call us on 0151-632 4101 or complete the 'Contact Form' on the Contact page.  Similarly, if you would like a tailored quote for any repair work please call the parts department on or complete the 'Contact Form' on the Contact Page.

As independent specialists in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles, we pride ourselves in providing a consistently high level of service since 1984.

  • A high quality, lower cost alternative to the main dealer.
  • Volkswagen Audi Group specification oil used on all servicing.  We use Quantum fully synthetic oil as a standard. 
  • Competitive labour rates and a LOYALTY SCHEME for returning customers.
  • All goods and work undertaken carry a TWO YEAR or 20,000 MILES GUARANTEE unless otherwise stated (excluding wear & tear). **
  • Specialist tooling and technology.
  • Full inspection service prices range from £120.00 + VAT.  See our Service Check List for full inspection listing.  The mileage and age of your vehicle is taken into account for any additional work required (eg cam belt, brake fluid change, fuel filter, air filter, haldex filter replacement etc).  Customer’s authorisation will be sought before any work is done.  All findings will be reported, advisories noted and your service light re-set.
  • Service book will be stamped, and future service reminders sent.  In the case of Audi vehicles manufactured after November 2012, Volkswagen vehicles manufactured after May 2016 and Skoda vehicles manufactured after 2014, we will complete your online Digital Service Schedule which is the new way of recording and protecting your service history.  We can also provide you with a 'hard copy' service book for easy future reference.
  • Fully stocked parts department for service items eliminates delay in the return of your vehicle and offers huge savings off main dealer prices where possible.
  • Our courtesy cars are FREE OF CHARGE whilst your vehicle is in for repair so you can carry on with your day. There may be an insurance charge depending upon your level of insurance cover to drive the courtesy vehicle. Please see courtesy car section for further information.
  • Volkswagen Service, Audi Service, Seat Service and Skoda Service

What is the difference between a Longlife service and a fixed service?

We offer one thorough inspection service as we believe every car deserves individual attention, regardless of age or mileage, the only difference being the grade of oil we use which is recommended for your vehicle.

Which grade of oil your vehicle requires not only depends on your vehicle, driving style, annual mileage but also whether your vehicle has a system which dictates which engine oil you must have eg. a diesel particulate filter. 

For vehicles using LongLife oil, we still believe your vehicle should have an annual service to ascertain and maintain the condition of your vehicle as every car is driven differently.



 Quantum platinum fully synthetic 5W-40

 engine oil

 Quantum longlife III fully synthetic

5W-30 engine oil 

Quantum longlife IV fully synthetic

 0W-20 engine oil 

- Approved to VW 505-00 / 505-01


 - Approved to VW 504-00 / 507-00


 - Approved to VW 508-00 / 509-00



Recommended if you are likely to drive less than 10,000* miles in one year and if you tend to drive in the  following way:

- Mainly city / town centre driving

- Short journeys with frequent cold starts

- High engine load activities eg. frequent hill climb, driving under load and towing

- Uneconomical driving using high rpms with heavy acceleration and heavy braking


Recommended if you are likely to drive more than 25 miles per day, or more than 10,000* miles per annum and if you tend to drive in the following way:

- Regular motorway and main road driving

- Mainly longer distance journeys with constant speeds

- Minimum engine load and minimum towing

- Economical driving

- If there is a diesel particulate filter fitted to your vehicle

- Longlife engines have sensors which continually monitor the oil quality
  * Please note this is an approximate mileage as service indicators use kilometres as the distance measurement 


** The Company will not accept any liability under guarantee unless the person seeking to rely upon it is the original purchaser.  In order to transfer this agreement, written authorization must be sought from the Company. This authority will not be refused without good reason.

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