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Cam belt Change

A cam belt change is recommended either through years or by mileage (which ever comes first).  As a general rule for Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles replacement is either every four or five years and between 40,000 and 110,000 miles.

Please phone us for a tailored quote to your specific Volkswagen Audi Group model on 0151-632 4101.  

A cam belt is a rubber belt with a very important job and which over time deteriorates through wear, rain, heat, ice, grit etc.  If you don’t replace a worn belt there is a very serious threat that it might snap without any warning and cause severe damage to your engine.  A cam belt change is not just changing the belt but any additional tensioners and idlers which make up your kit.  If your cam belt runs around the water pump we always replace the water pump at the same time.  No extra labour – just the price of a water pump and replenishment of anti-freeze.  

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  • We are able to offer the use of courtesy car whilst your vehicle is with us. Please see courtesy car page for further information.


** The Company will not accept any liability under guarantee unless the person seeking to rely upon it is the original purchase.

** In order to transfer this agreement, written authorization must be sought from the Company. This authority will not be refused without good reason.

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